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Membership Questions

Q: How do I buy the puzzles?
A: Click this link.

Q: How many puzzles do I get for each price?
A: The "Big Box O' Mystery" account gives you access to all of the puzzles in the main puzzle gallery. The "Box O' Mystery" account gives you access to 10 puzzles of your choice. The "Lil' Bag O' Mystery" account gives you access to 1 puzzle of your choice.

Q: How long will my membership last?
A: Memberships last for 12 months from the date of payment. If you upgrade, the membership lasts for 12 months after the date of the upgrade.

Q: Am I allowed to share my password or puzzles with others?
A: No, but the printed puzzles can be shared under some circumstances. Please view the Member Agreement for full explanation.

Payment Questions

Q: Is my credit card info kept secure?
A: Yes. After clicking the "Create Account" button you are taken to a secure page on PayPal's server. never sees nor stores your credit card information. You can view the Privacy Policy for more details about this.

Q: I don't have a credit card. Can I still use PayPal?
A: Yes. In addition to a credit card, your source of payment can also be a debit card, bank account, or money held in an existing PayPal account.

Q: Will I be automatically billed monthly/yearly?
A: No. You are only charged once. When your membership eventually expires, you'll have the option to renew again. But renewing is totally voluntary. You'll never be automatically charged.

Password/Login Questions

Q: Can I change my email or password?
A: Yes. Please email us with your account information and we will update your account.

Q: What should I do if I forgot my password?
A: Use the Forgot Password feature to have it re-sent to you by email.

Q: Why does the Forgot Password feature say I'm not in the database?
A: When joining this site, you may have used a different email address, or mistyped it. If you're not sure what email you used to join, Contact Us and provide your full name so we can look it up for you.

Q: Why doesn't anything happen when I click the "Member Login" link?
A: The "Member Login" link should reveal a dropdown box with login fields to enter your email and password. If this doesn't happen, it's likely you have javascript turned off in your browser settings. You can turn javascript on, try another browser, (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) or simply use this alternate Login Page.

Puzzle Questions

Q: Why does the Gallery show question marks?
A: The gallery shows question marks to hide the answers so it won't spoil the mystery. However, if you want to see the puzzle solutions, you can turn on the Show Puzzle Solutions preference on the Member Info panel.

Q: Why would I want to show the question marks?
A: Showing the question marks hides the answers. This keeps things mysterious, so it’s a lot more fun. On the other hand, if you are printing puzzles for other people to play, you may want to see the answers so you know what you are printing.

Q: Can I print a puzzle more than once?
A: Yes. After you have unlocked a puzzle you can print unlimited copies until your membership expires. See the Member Info dropdown to see a list of your unlocked puzzles, when your membership expires and how many puzzles you can still unlock.

Q: Can you send me the puzzles?
A: No. We do not send you a book of printed puzzles. You must print the puzzles directly from this web site.

Q: Can you make a puzzle of ______?
A: Maybe. We can't fulfill every wish, but the most common requests are likely to make their way onto the site eventually. Contact Us with your suggestions.

Printing Questions

Q: The puzzle does not print.
A1:   Hardware problems are beyond the scope of this help page. Please be sure you have a working printer before signing up and attempting to print the puzzles. If you want to test your ability to print our puzzles, print the free puzzle from this link. A2:   Some people have reported printing problems when using Internet Explorer. The easiest fix is to use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Download Chrome here. Download Firefox here. Make sure you can print the free puzzle before purchasing a membership.

Q: Can I make the puzzle print bigger?
A: Once the print dialogue is open you can sometimes make the margins smaller so the image prints bigger. See the instructions for your printer for more information.

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