Pencil Puzzle Mysteries offer an exciting and unique way to fundraise for your organization. No distributing boxes of frozen products or dealing with no-shows on pick up day. No bugging your friends to buy catalogue items. Just a fun and easy way to get a slice of what your customers want to do anyway.

How It Works

Hand out flyers with a Pencil Puzzle on one side and instructions for buying on the other. When the customer makes a purchase your organization gets credit and earns money. The customer gets instant access to the puzzle gallery. There is nothing to distribute after the purchase, just hand out the flyers and receive a check from us. Click Here to download an example flyer.

The Easy Way To Fundraise

When you decide to do a Pencil Puzzle Mystery Fundraiser we will give your organization a Special Code. This code will appear at the bottom of every flyer you hand out.

During checkout on the website, the buyer enters the Special Code from the flyer, makes the purchase and your organization gets the credit. We will give your contact person updates about how sales are going, then once a month we will send your organization a check for a commission on sales.

How Much Money Can We Make?

That depends on how well you promote the event. We recommend that you give out a few puzzles in advance so others can find out how much fun doing these puzzles can be.

Nothing works as well as excited word of mouth between friends and peers.

Have the kids show off the finished puzzles to friends or make a game out of who can complete a puzzle first. Building excitement for the puzzles will bring in more money for your organization without feeling like you have to be a salesman.

How Much Trouble Is This Fundraiser Going To Be?

This is about as painless as a fundraiser can get.

- There is no money to collect because all transactions are handled online.

- There are no products to distribute. Once the purchase is made the puzzles are printed right from the customer's own computer.

- There are no mistakes in the orders and no broken objects to return to the manufacturer. There is nothing to refrigerate, spoil or melt.

- You simply talk up the event, get the kids interested in playing the puzzles, then pass out the flyers. After that it helps to remind the kids to sign up and do other promotional things to help them remember to buy the puzzles. Various promotional events are described below.

- Once the customers buy their puzzle memberships, we tally the results and send you the check.

What Can I Do To Promote The Fundraiser?

You can build interest in buying the puzzles in a variety of ways.

1- Have kids show their completed puzzles to other kids. Children are very proud of their finished puzzles and they like to show off their work. Finished puzzles should be posted on a bulletin board so other kids can see the pictures and want to do them for themselves.

2- Have puzzle contests. Kids love the spirit of competition. Organize a game for each group or class where you see who can finish their puzzle correctly in the shortest amount of time.

3- Make a daily announcement about who has done the most puzzles. Have kids bring in their completed puzzles and post their name and rank on a bulletin board. Update the ranks every day so kids can see who's in first. If you want you can even offer something for the winner like a ribbon or a small trophy.

How Do I Get Started?

Use the Contact Us page to let us know you are thinking about using Pencil Puzzle Mysteries as a fundraiser for your organization. We'll discuss the specifics and get you rolling!