Cincinati Center

Arnelle D. and Will M. having fun at the
Cincinnati Recreation Center.


Send us pictures of your kids, group or class showing off their puzzles and receive four free puzzles from the private gallery.

These puzzles are not available to the public. You can only get them by sending us your pictures.

To submit a picture, follow the steps below.

Pencil Puzzles


1- You must have an active member-
ship to qualify for this offer.

2- Tell us something about the
picture. Is this your class, a scout
troup, day care? Let us know!

3- Include the names of the people
in the picture, or if it’s an entire class
say something like “Ms. Jade’s 4th
grade class.”

4- By sending us your picture you are agreeing that we can put your picture on our site.

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Private gallery Entrance

Once you receive an email containing your access code you can unlock the private gallery.

Type your code here and click the button to gain access to your reward!

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